Exclusion Rates and Statistics



Exclusion statistics provide a useful benchmark for schools to assess their exclusion rates against similar establishments.

The reasons behind exclusions are varied and identifying the underlying factors can help schools to retain more pupils and, most importantly, allow them to provide the best education possible for these pupils.

Factors such as special educational needs (SEN), free school meal (FSM) eligibility, age, gender and ethnic group are all assessed in the documents listed below.

Also provided is a 3-Minute Read presenting the key facts contained in the larger DfE documents, ensuring you can stay informed in no time at all.

TheSchoolBus has also created interactive maps breaking down the statistic rates even further. This maps show the rates in your local authority, enabling you to accurately benchmark your school with the immediate school community.

Further downloads including infographics explaining the variations between exclusion rates in pupils with various characteristics ‘at a glance’ will be featured shortly. 

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