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    Introducing Minerva - Our procurement and tendering experts. Save money and time by downloading their easy to read guidance documents. You can find their downloads easily by simply searching Minerva. What's new on TheSchoolBus? Help on every page! Just check the sidebar for our 'Need Further Help?' button on every page. Introducing RM Education - The most recognisable name in the education sector, they are our IT and communications specialists, for all of your infrastructure queries, they are here for you. You can find their downloads easily by simply searching RM Education. Introducing Mia - our social media expert, not only does she run our Twitter, Facebook and Blog, but she can advise you on E-safety issues and even put together a compliant Social Media Policy. Introducing Lucas Fettes - Our insurance experts, they offer guidance on Academies insurance. You can find their downloads easily by simply searching Lucas Fettes. What's new on TheSchoolBus? Outlook compatible calendar! Just click on the calendar and you will be able to download all the most important dates to your own calendar. Introducing Lloyds Bank - The most popular bank in the education sector, Lloyds are experts in finance and can answer your questions about academy finance and conversions. What's new on TheSchoolBus? On site preview! No need to download a whole document to get one bit of information, you can preview it online and then choose to download if you need to. Introducing Anton - our Special Educational Needs and Disability specialist. He will put together a compliant policy document which takes equality legislation into account. What's new on TheSchoolBus? Mobile compatibility! You asked, we delivered – the whole site will now be accessible for mobile devices and tablets.

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